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Adolfo Delgado




Pianist & composer



Born in Seville in the centre of a family in which music was always very present, he carries out his classic studies in the superior conservatory of music in his home town, from the very beginning with a very special interest composition. His passion for flamenco makes him incorporate touches of flamenco in his first works resulting in his first record "A fuego lento", with the collaboration of the great guitarist Carlos Heredia. The composition leads him to explore the improvisation, moving to Barcelona, where he studies Jazz en the "taller de musics" and receives master classes from the great master Tete Montoliu. 

With his compositions Ade creates a singular music based on the three language pillars: classic, flamenco and jazz obtaining a very personal style difficult to catalogue – the specialized critics describes him as one of the most original authors in the music panorama.

The principal characteristic of his music is the flamenco sound of his piano, which contributes with an innovative sound to such traditional styles as jazz and the genuine flamenco. Likewise he incorporates sound resources coming from other universal musics, thus creating a universe of sound amalgams that transport us to the mediteranean, southamerica, arabia and the most contemporaneous european musics. 

Adolfo’s compositions played live, invite the musicians to express themselves with great freedom. Maximizing the communication on stage. The audience, drawn into what is happening on stage enjoys a unique and “once-only” experience! 

Ade has played in festivals in Europe, USA, South America and Africa, such as the new York “New Music Seminar”, Cannes Midem, Jazz Raly Düsseldorf, Photo España Argentina and Paraguay, Mostra de jazz Europeo de Barcelona, Santander festival, Jazz festival in Madrid and St. Louis festival in Senegal amongst others.

1st prize in the “Bienal de jóvenes creadores de la Europa Mediterraneo.

1st prize “certamen de jazz Internacional Palma de Mallorca” 

Finalist en “Festival Cante las mInas de la Union” as best instrumentalist. 

Currently Ade (Adolfo Delgado) teaches classic and modern piano, flamenco and ensemble:

-University  CARM. Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio  ( 

-"Escuela de Musica Creativa” in Madrid ( 






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